Ausbarge Project Cargoes

Ausbarge started working heavy cargoes several years ago assisting oil companies to deliver heavy plant and equipment for their clean fuels project. Construction of the two bridges on the Port Adelaide River and deliveries of coal stacker reclaimer components to Koorangang Island coal wharves to mention a few.

During these years we developed a team that managed and delivered the complete delivery process. We found our clients were in need of a competent provider to handle their project. Ausbarge has developed a team which is still together today. This team consists of supply of all marine plant and equipment, specialised marine crews, Barge Masters, Load Masters, Naval Architects and supply of SPMTs.

The completion of our most recent project, Air Warfare Destroyer Project, Commonwealth Contract, was a perfect example of the success of our team with a client who was demanding the best.

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Established operations in 2005 and now providing a complete marine package to large and small marine projects throughout Australia

Ausbarge Group of marine based companies, today all very active in the marine industry.